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Dear Customers, «FIORI.LV» TEAM welcomes you!

"FIORI.LV" - Latvian exclusive representative of the world's leading manufacturer of preserved plants and moss.
"FIORI.LV" company specializes in working with preserved moss, flowers, grass, trees, and also in the sale of preserved materials for florists and decorators; provides interior landscaping services.
Our company is making the design formation in hotels, restaurants, commercial centers, private apartments, houses and other establishments that require landscaping and spectacular design.
Preserved trees, moss green walls, art objects and floristic flower compositions retain their natural look for the extremely long period of time.
Our plants do not require any care, also no watering, light, and pruning.
Trees depending on conditions retain their properties from 3 to 8-10 years; floristic makes it pleasant for 5-8 years.
We use only high quality, natural and environmentally friendly preserved materials produced Spain. All materials are certified.
We work individually with each customer.
You can choose ready tree from our catalog, or if the task is more complex and requires a comprehensive approach, our designers are ready to provide the project with a 3D rendering of the interiors with our trees and moss green walls.
To customers go qualified managers with the samples. Call or email us today!

What preserved plants realy are?

Preservation - the fruit of many year scientist researches and now world’s popular know-how.
Preserved plants - not artificial and not dried flowers. These are the natural plants that in a result of special processing natural juice is replaced by a special solution based on glycerol. Technologies allow expose for this treatment almost all used floristic plants, stabilized materials have unique strength and elasticity, and they look like be natural flowers.


The advantages of stabilized plants are:

  • beauty, naturalness, entertainment
  • wider range of applications in finished product
  • lack of permanent care - no need to water, do not need light, not susceptible to disease
  • easy to store and transport – no temperature restrictions and handling life
  • lack of seasonality factor
  • environmentally friendly - do not pollute the environment and are harmless to humans and animals
  • stability of shape, color, appearance for a long time
  • long shelf life, calculated in years
  • Our product range will be interesting for:

  • Hotels, shoping centers
  • Restaurants, cafes, banks, offices
  • Retail stores, online-shop trading
  • Gift/Flower shops
  • Florists, phytodesigners, shop-window makers and decorators
  • Advertising agencies
  • Corporate clients
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Private clients

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